Services Guide - W

Wall Damages

We paint student spaces as needed, a little more frequently in suites and apartments (every 3 years) and less so in traditional halls (every 5-7 years). Residents are not permitted to paint their own spaces.

Avoid billing for wall and paint damage! We want your room or apartment to be your home, but not all commercially available products to put up decorations are allowable.

Whether on drywall or cinder block, the use of some but not all adhesive wall putties (such as Hold It) virtually guarantee no damage to paint finishes or drywall surfaces. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and make certain the product is safe for paint and wall surfaces.

Regular pins are acceptable in drywall. Certain tape products work, while others won't work, including regular masking tape. Consider drafting tape (similar to masking tape) that says it won't affect painted surfaces and removes easily. Many double-sided adhesive "poster squares" are very difficult to remove after two semesters and can even tear off the top paper surface of drywall. These tapes should not be used unless the manufacturer guarantees, not promises, the product not to destroy painted and drywall surfaces.

In no spaces may residents drill into walls to attach plastic or lead wall anchors.

Waterbeds Nice idea, but

Sorry, we simply don't allow them, due to their weight and their potential for recreating the Great Flood.

Windows and Insect Screens

An open window   Our windows range from original wooden units in older halls to top-of-the-line units in the renovated spaces. Some windows are loose and may not be able to be weather stripped. In older halls, some rooms no longer have top windows which open. Otherwise, all have been checked to assure the bottom sashes operate. All locks, particularly those for ground- and first-floor accessible windows, are checked annually.
A bug about to fly in. Are you expecting guests?   Screens must remain in windows to prevent bees, other insects, birds and bats from entering the buildings. Thousands are replaced each summer, so we have a program to inspect and replace missing screens throughout the year. Replacement charges will be placed on student accounts for missing screens.

Window Safety


Windows, in a few locations, open onto rooftop areas of our buildings: some second floor rooms in high rise buildings overlooking the lobby roof, dormer windows overlooking portico roofs (Cambridge, Montgomery, Wicomico, Caroline, Carroll, and similar buildings), even operable skylights (Harford). For these windows, you will likely see this sign affixed to the window glass.

Falling two or more stories can certainly ruin your day, no matter how invincible you feel before you set foot on one of our roofs. That aside, the roof itself can be subjected to damage, small tears or significant holes, which will only let water in and leak into rooms below.

    Use windows in emergencies only
If you want to take it outside, do so through the entry doors on the ground floor.
Please stay off the roofs for your own safety