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Smoke Detectors

Since 1979 every resident bedroom contains a smoke detector. These units are powered by the building's electricity and, when they sound, they do not activate the building's fire alarm bells.

Each smoke detector has a small light which glows as long as the room has power. If the light is not visible, call x4-WORK to have the detector inspected.


  Smoke Detector

Test It Yourself !!!
esidents are encouraged to test the smoke detector in their bedroom, suite or apartment by pressing a small button on the front cover of every unit. This activates the unit's detection chamber and horn indicating the detector is working. If your detectors horn does not sound within about five seconds, call x4-WORK to report a potentially defective detector. DO NOT TEST smoke detectors located in common areas of traditional style buildings. Many of these detectors are linked to the fire alarm system, and testing them will activate the building alarm. These smoke detectors are tested by Life Safety staff on a routine basis.

Covered smoke detector- A NO NO This is Way UnCool and a Housing Violation, Too!
Covering over the smoke detector or removing it puts you at risk and may lead to worse complications for you personally if there's a fire in your room and the detector was tampered with or removed.


Frisbee hitting a sprinkler - A No No


Sprinkler systems are intended to deliver large volumes of water in a short period of time

So, guess what will happen if you accidentally damage the sprinkler head.?

So why risk it...!!!!?
Simple horseplay has caused several major floods with damage to personal property and billing to those responsible for clean-up costs. Hanging things from sprinkler heads invites trouble, too.
So why risk it!!?!!