Services Guide - M

Mattresses and Mattress Pads

Our mattresses are made using one of the highest flame-retardancy standards in the country, but we buy one standard mattress. We do not offer soft, firm, or extra firm mattresses. We do not supply mattress pads.

We do have a limited number of beds and mattresses for residents taller than 6'5". Taller residents typically inform the Resident Life Assignments staff of these special needs, and the Assignments staff passes the request along to us.

We do not supply orthopedic backboards. You must obtain these from your health care provider. We can offer a sheet of plywood if you prefer to have a firmer mattress and don't have a chronic back condition.

With a doctors certificate, we will remove our mattress and allow you to use a mattress you purchase and bring to the campus.

We have some spare mattresses at the start of each school year for exchange with those we missed in the summer that might be torn or stained. As spares are extremely limited, we frequently are unable to satisfy requests to switch mattresses. If you find the mattress in your room is not to your liking, ask around your floor and see if you can exchange it with someone else.