Services Guide - L

Lost Keys & Lock Changes

To assure continued security to bedrooms and for apartments and suites, our campus policy is to require the lock be changed anytime a room key is lost or misplaced by a resident or by any staff member.
Keys left on a sink   Staff changing a door lock
If your keys are misplaced, lost or stolen, report it to your Service Desk immediately. Residents may borrow the spare keys to bedrooms or apartments/suites until the lock is changed. The Service Desk Staff will explain specific sign out guidelines and expectations.

If your keys are stolen, as with any other theft, you must file a report with the University Police by calling their non-emergency number x5-3555. Residents are responsible for the cost of lock changes.

All requests to change bedroom or entry door locks must be handled by Resident Life's Service Desk staff. If you call our x4-WORK staff, you will be referred back to your Service Desk.

  Once we receive requests to change locks, we prepare the materials and obtain keys for the new lock. Staff in our carpentry shop will complete the lock change usually within two work days from receiving the request at x4-WORK. Response times may vary based on time of year and workload. Residents are billed for the costs associated with preparing, changing and distributing new locks and keys as well as updating the record systems in both Resident Life and Residential Facilities.

If you find your lost key(s) and the lock core change has not been performed, notify your Service Desk immediately. It may be possible to cancel the requested lock core change.

Lost Student IDs/Access Cards

University student ID cards grant access to spaces equipped with card readers. Cards are issued by the ID Card office located in the first floor lobby of the Mitchell Building. New and replacement ID cards can be obtained between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

After hours and on weekends, residents can borrow a loaner card from their Service Desk until they are able to obtain a permanent replacement card.

Lounge and Study Room Furniture

New lounge and study room furniture valued at nearly $400,000 has been purchased and installed over the last three years in North Campus and North Hill halls.

To better manage the new furniture, Resident Life Community staff and Residential Facilities housekeeping staff are cooperatively monitoring these rooms to assure none of the furniture is damaged or disappears. Residents are asked to respect the spaces by not removing the furniture and by limiting the use of food or drinks to avoid spills and stains. There is, of course, no smoking permitted in the lounges.