Services Guide - I

Insurance Claims

As a first step, before an incident or loss ever occurs, residents should check to assure that their family's existing home insurance policies cover property loss which may occur on campus. If not adequately covered, residents are strongly advised to purchase personal property insurance. Call the Resident Life Assignments Office at x4-2100 for a list of available insurance carriers who offer insurance for college students.
For property damage or personal injury  

The State of Maryland will not and cannot compensate residents for most losses that occur on campus. Like many states, our state accepts responsibility for property loss and injury occur on state property under very limited circumstances and only when specific criteria are met.

The "facts" of each incident will be considered by the state's insurance adjuster before determining whether the state's policy can cover loss by a resident or guest. Determining "negligence" is a matter for the state's agent.

The University may be responsible...
...for damage to or loss of resident property when it occurs due to "negligent" or "dangerous" actions of university staff.

The University is not responsible...
...for damage to resident property when it occurs due to vandalism, theft, or misconduct by residents, their guests and visitors, or by unknown parties.

To file an insurance claim to be forwarded to the state's agent or to ask questions regarding a specific incident, residents may contact:

Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk
Insurance Services Coordinator
Seneca Building #812, 4716 Pontiac Street, Suite 0103

The Insurance Services Coordinator will arrange with the resident, usually during the next work day, to inspect and photograph the damaged property if needed. Residents should not repair, replace, clean or alter the damaged property until they are advised to do so.  Doing so may diminish the resident's ability to claim the loss.

During large incidents where numerous rooms are involved in, say, a flood, staff from Residential Facilities may also be present on the floor taking photographs of the cause and extent of the incident.