Services Guide - F

Flood Clean-Up

Staff cleaning after a floodEvery once in a while, floods occur. Pipes deteriorate over time and can fail. Occasionally floods occur due to vandalism by others. After the source of water for the flood has been turned off, we may need to enter student spaces to determine the extent of flooding and any damage to furniture, ceilings, walls and floors.

We'll remove water from floors in public and student spaces to prevent mildew and damage to floor tile or personal property. We will also extract water from personal rugs at no charge. Residents will be asked to pick up their personal belongings from the floor, their closet and under the beds to speed our water extraction effort.

When too much water has entered a room, residents will be asked to carry their rugs to a lounge, basement or exterior location. If resources are available, housekeeping staff will make an effort to extract water from these rugs. But residents will need to watch their carpets for as long as they choose to have them air-dry in other locations.

Rugs may remain somewhat damp to walk on and may need a few days to air dry. Regardless of the flood's cause, we do not assume any responsibility for damage to or new odors from rugs.  Housekeeping staff will offer, at no charge, to deodorize private rugs if in their professional judgment our products would be successful.

Response to water clean up from a sewage back up will vary from what is described above due to the "material" present in the water. Residents will likely be asked to vacate their rooms until the plumbing problem has been corrected. Our staff will remove the water and disinfect surfaces as each situation warrants. Residents will be provided with gloves, trash bags and disinfectant for wiping or disposing of their contaminated personal property and for wiping down hard surfaces on their stereos, refrigerators, phones, PCs and other equipment.