Services Guide - B

Bathroom Cleaning

Each day housekeeping staff enter bathrooms at least once to clean and disinfect the plumbing fixtures and shower areas.Once a week, a thorough cleaning is scheduled when additional tasks may be performed.

We will post a sign on each bathroom's door indicating the hours it will be closed and unavailable for use until our cleaning is completed.

The bathrooms must be closed to avoid injury to residents while we clean. Our cleaning generally leaves the floor temporarily wet and slippery. The cleaning products we use should not be applied with others nearby. While housekeepers work in individual bathrooms, residents will be directed to use nearby bathrooms elsewhere in the building.


Bunked Beds
Many residents find it desirable to bunk their beds. This can increase the amount of floor space in your room.

A bunked bed is created using the two sets of wooden bed ends and two metal bedsprings already in your room. In addition, a hardened metal pin (approximately in diameter and 2" in length) must be inserted into the predrilled holes in each of the four corner posts of the headboards. Metal pins are available from the service desk for your building.


To create a bunked bed

  • Attach two headboards to one bedspring. This becomes the bottom unit of the bunked bed.
  • Insert a metal pin into each of the four corner posts of the headboards.
  • Attach two foot boards to the remaining bedsprings. This becomes the upper unit of the bunked bed.
  • Set the upper unit on top of the lower unit. There are predrilled holes in the bottom of the footboards that will receive the metal pins and lock the unit together.

You must use four metal pins to safely set up and bunk a bed.

  Do not substitute your own "pins" for the ones provided by the University as they may not fit or perform equally.

The metal pins stabilize the unit and prevent separation of the top and bottom bed units. Removing one or more of the metal pins could cause the top bed unit to slip off of the bottom bed unit.

Oakland beds can be bunked but you'll need to follow different instructions. In Oakland, you will not need bunk bed pins to bunk your beds.

Our bed safety rails are available and will help if you are not sure if you may roll out of bed while sleeping. One will be installed on every bunk bed or loft bed we set up prior to check-in. If you want a second safety rail should you decide to place your bed perpendicular to a side wall, just call x4-WORK and request we deliver and install a second bed safety rail.

Problems with your bunk bed or any of your furniture should be reported to x4-WORK.

Remember, obtain the metal pins to bunk your beds from your building's service desk.

Long Beds
Do your friends call you "Stretch"? Can you read the wattage on light bulbs without turning your head upwards? Are you taller than 6'5"? You may need a longer mattress and bed frame!

We do have a limited number of beds and mattresses for residents taller than 6'5". Taller residents typically inform the Resident Life Assignments staff of these special needs, and the Assignments staff passes the request along to us. Usually before fall semester check-in, we receive the request for an extra long bed and can have the longer one in your room before check-in.

If, after checking in, you decide you need a longer bed, call x4-WORK. As long as we have additional beds in storage, we can respond to these requests. We will need to limit these requests to people taller than 6'5" as our available supply is limited.

Mattress Sizes:

Regular bed: 36" x 75"
Long bed:     38" x 86"

Bike Racks

Bicycle racks are installed outside many, but not all residence halls for the convenience of residents. A few halls have a room in the basement where bikes may be stored by residents during the semesters.

Over the summer months, if our staff find bikes locked to exterior bike racks or left in the basement bike rooms, we will remove the bikes which we consider "abandoned" and begin a year-long process for disposing of them. So, please, Do Not Leave Your Bikes With Us Once You Leave School for the year or we'll assume you want us to dispose of your property.

Each summer our staff looks for bikes left in and around residence halls and tags them with a notice telling the owner that they will be removed to a storage facility if they have not been moved. If the bikes are not moved after two weeks, we assume the owner is not somewhere on campus during the summer and the bikes are abandoned. We will cut any chain and, if need be, any high security V-lock and remove them to a storage facility on campus. Abandoned bicycles are catalogued by location and serial number and will be held for one year from the date we pick them up, consistent with campus policies for managing lost and abandoned property.

If you return to campus in the fall and realize you left your bike here all summer, we've likely removed it from where you last stored it. If you want it back, please call us at x4-5680 and ask to speak with a member of our Inventory Crew. You will need to supply proof of ownership (e.g., receipt, serial number or other proof) and a photo ID in order to claim your bike. You will not be reimbursed for damage to bicycle chains or locks.

Bikes which are not claimed after one year are turned over to Terrapin Trader for sale along with other University surplus property.