Pesticides, Products, and Chemicals We Use

Environmentally Friendly Products
As an agency of the State of Maryland, we are required to buy and use a variety of products (such as toilet paper and the paper we use in our offices) that are made of recycled material. Our work activities are regulated to assure that cleaning products, solvents, and certain building materials are disposed of properly. Our maintenance program also collects selected metal materials for salvage rather than discarding them in dumpsters. Here are a few other ways our work favorably affects the environment.

CFCs are found in residence halls in the refrigeration units of water coolers, window air conditioners and refrigerators. CFCs become a problem when vented into the atmosphere and contribute to chemical reactions that affect our planet's ozone layer.

For many years, even before current Federal Environmental Protection Agency regulations, our Building Systems mechanics, in conjunction with Operations & Maintenance, have been reclaiming and recycling CFCs.

Florescent Light Bulbs
Old, worn-out florescent bulbs, that contain mercury vapors, are collected and recycled. Broken bulbs are swept up and transferred to recyclable containers.

Cleaners and Disinfectants   Pesticides
Our housekeeping staff is responsible for completely disinfecting all sinks, urinals and toilets daily. All other restroom surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at least once a week. The products used are selected for their effectiveness as well as their ability to be used safely by our staff. Nevertheless, many products often require that personal protection be worn by our housekeepers (e.g., gloves, goggles or rubber-soled boots). For this and other reasons, bathrooms will be close  

Some pest problems require the use of a pesticide.  Our staff of state-certified biologists will select a material for their effectiveness as well as low toxicity.  We use only pesticides are registered with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Maryland Department of Agriculture.  Most of the products we use only require gloves for personal protective equipment.

Products We Use
Pesticides, cleaning agents and disinfectants are but a few products that are used by staff sometime during each year.
All of our operations must comply with regulations and work methods approved by the different regulatory agencies, whether at the federal, state or campus level.
New products acquired for use by our employees are required to be reviewed to assure the safety of workers and residents alike. Consistent with federal regulations, our staff will review, often in concert with other campus safety staff, the manufacturer's Safety Data Sheet that explains its contents, safe use and disposal methods, and steps to be taken in case of personal exposure to the product. As required by law, the Safety Data Sheets for products are available to supervisors and employees.

Product Information
You may ask for any information we have on the specific chemicals we use.

Call x4-3486
For pesticides, call and ask for Urban Biology.
For cleaning chemicals, call and ask for Housekeeping.
For paint and paint solvents, call and ask for Paint.

Some other service crews may use chemicals or solvents in the course of their work. Feel free to ask a member of the crew for the name and phone number for the shop supervisor and contact them directly for additional details.