Services Guide - A

Person in wheelchair using accessibility rampAccommodations for People with disabilities

Several spaces in each style of residence hall have been fully equipped for students with mobility needs. Additionally, some spaces have been fitted in advance with devices to support students with special hearing, vision, and respiratory needs. We are typically able to adapt many fixtures, furnishings and equipment in student rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces to meet the specific, individual needs of residents. Fire alarm strobe lights, bed shakers, TT (telephone text) machines, and certain other assistive equipment can often be installed where needed.

Where building modifications are not feasible or possible, residents can relocate to an accessible space, programs can be moved, and personal assistance can usually be arranged with Resident Life staff.  Residents may contact Chris Moore at x47512 to discuss requests for accommodations.

Ramps have been installed throughout the campus to provide access to individuals with impaired mobility.  Bikes left on ramps and handlebars protruding through railings create hazardous and sometimes impassable conditions for wheelchair users. In addition to violating fire safety codes, bikes attached to ramp and stairway railings anywhere inside or out create tripping hazards for those who need to use a railing for support or those with impaired vision.

Bikes left in places where they create a hazard are subject to removal and impound by the University Police.

Air Conditioners and Air Conditioning
Nineteen halls are air conditioned.  Dates typically associated with "the a/c season" are May 15 through October 15.  Prevailing weather conditions around either date and available staffing will determine the actual dates.

In the remaining un-air conditioned buildings, window air conditioners aren't permitted since these buildings do not have adequate electrical service to support window a/c units when added onto the normal load created by stereos, refrigerators, televisions and other items.