Inspections Crew Member

TITLE: Inspections Crew Member
LOCATION: Facilities Center Bldg. 201
SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Inventory Graduate Coordinator
HOURS: 10-20 hours per week
STARTING SALARY: $6.15 per hour
Working independently, inspect the campus' residential communities on a weekly basis, and report all deficiencies to the proper shops for maintenance. Complete other forms as required. Assist in opening and closing activities of campus residence halls during transition periods.
  • Weekly public area inspections for assigned buildings.
  • Exterior lights inspection.
  • Write work orders for deficiencies found during inspections.
  • Weekly alarm inspections of exit doors in the residence halls and Frats.
  • Tasks related to the opening and closing of the residence halls.
  • Locking and unlocking of residence buildings during the summer months.
  • Other tasks as assigned by the Inventory Graduate Coordinator which may or may not be directly related to inspections.
  • Previous work experience working independently.
  • Must be detailed oriented.
  • Registered student at UMCP.
  • Familiarity with University residence halls preferred.
  • Valid driver's license.