Paint Crew Member

TITLE: Paint Crew Member
LOCATION: Facilities Center Bldg. 201
SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Paint Student Supervisor
HOURS: Fall/Spring: 10-20hrs. Per week
Summer: 40 hrs. Per week.
Students work with other students, both male and female, under the supervision of either a student Crew leader or a Paint Student Supervisor. Students prepare interior surfaces for painting, and then apply paint- both oil and latex- based. This is a manual labor position that involves lifting and carrying heavy tools and materials, sweeping floors, emptying trash, etc, under sometimes hot and dirty conditions.
  • Participate in preparation activities for the opening of residence halls apartments.
  • Arrive at work 5 minutes early, ready to work.
  • Scrapes, sands, and joint compounds, fillers, etc. to surfaces.
  • Applies caulks, joint compounds fillers, etc., to surfaces.
  • Moves furniture, equipment, etc., to prevent paint splatters.
  • Provides protection to personal property, furniture, floors, etc., by using drop cloths and similar protective covers.
  • Applies, using both brush and rollers, latex (water base) and alkyd (oil based) paints.
  • Depending on height of space involved may use up to an 8 ladder.
  • Insures all work sites/spaces are left neat, clean, and professional, including removal of tools, trash, sweeping or vacuuming floors.
  • Assists in vehicle maintenance by assisting in washing, waxing, inspecting State vehicles used by the paint crews.
  • During periods of snowfall, reports to work to assist in snow removal.
We are looking for honest, hard working people who will be on time, don't mind getting dirty, like working with other students and are in good physical condition. You should also meet the following criteria:
  • Registered student at UMCP (Fall/Spring).
  • Previous paint experience is desirable, but not required
  • Familiarity with University residence halls preferred.
  • Valid driver's license preferred put not required.
  • Ability to lift and carry a minimum of 50lbs. up a set of stairs.
Students in this position are exposed to solvents and glue products. Paint contains carcinogens and appropriate care should be taken when exposed. In addition, these products may cause irritation to the lungs, eyes or skin when used improperly. Paint should be applied in well-ventilated areas. Appropriate protection, such as goggles and gloves will be provided and should be used when necessary.

Note: Persons with contact lenses may encounter difficulty with paint fumes. It has been shown to cause irritation to the eyes of those that wear them.