Carpet & Tile Crew Member

TITLE: Carpet & Tile Crew Member
LOCATION: Facilities Bldg. 204
SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Carpet & Tile Supervisor
HOURS: Fall/Spring: 10-20 hrs. Per week
Summer: Full time only, 40hrs. Per week.
Under supervision, work with other students and with permanent staff making repairs to and replacing floor coverings and signage in residence halls. The materials installed include: carpet, vinyl, mosaic, ceramic, rubber, wood, linoleum, sisal, corian, slate, and others. Also make and install permanent signs.
  • Participate in preparation activities for the opening of residence halls and apartments.
  • Arrive at work on time and ready to work.
  • Maintain a safe and clean work area.
  • Provide quality work that shows attention to detail.
  • Remove and install floor coverings.
  • Make and install permanent signs.
  • Drive cargo vans and cube vans.
  • Operate hand held and stationary power tools.
  • Wash, wax and inspect trucks on a regular basis.
  • Participate in snow removal during periods of snowfall (additional pay may apply).
  • Work with hand tools daily including razor knives.
  • Work with adhesives and solvents daily.
  • Lift and carry heavy materials.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisors
We are looking for honest, hard working people who will be on time, don't mind getting dirty, like working for other students and are in good physical condition. You should also meet the following criteria:
  • Registered student at UMCP (Fall/Spring).
  • A valid driver's license is required, no exceptions.
  • Ability to lift and carry at least 65 lbs. up a set of stairs.
  • Experience preferred, but not required. We will train you.
  • Familiarity with UMCP Residence Halls preferred.
Employees in this position are exposed to solvents, adhesives and cleaning products, which can cause irritation to the lungs, eyes or skin when used improperly. It is important to maintain adequate ventilation. Training in the safe use of these products will be provided. Appropriate protection, such as goggles and gloves will be provided and should be used when necessary.

You will also work with power tools and sharp cutting tools. Training on the safe use of all tools will be provided, however, caution should be observed.