Ellicott Hall


Named after the county seat of Howard County in central Maryland
Date Opened: 1967

Co-ed hall living -- Traditional bedrooms
561 capacity, 279 rooms
164 women, 397 men

Mailboxes are located in the lobby near the Service Desk.
Small packages and registered mail will be received at the Service Desk in the north lobby.

Room 0115
8 Washers and 8 Dryers


Bike racks are in the basement, room 0106, with space for about 15 bikes.

Secure bikes to these racks only. Any bicycles found locked to handicap ramps, outdoor railings, trees, or in stairwells will be removed. Bikes left here over the summer are considered "abandoned" and will be removed from bike racks.


Vending machines are located in the lobby.
There is a pay phone in the lobby.

Pepsi refills 800-626-3935
Pepsi repairs 800-562-6800
Snack machine refills 800-511-5340


Change machine refunds 800-229-7837

Collection points for Plastic, glass, metals, aluminum, and newspaper:
Laundry Room (0115), lobby, and floor study lounges

Your building is equipped with an electronic security system which consists of card readers and prop monitors. Cards readers read the magnetic stripe on your student identification card to grant access to residents, staff, and authorized others. Prop monitors sense whether exterior doors and interior security doors are closed and latched securely, and sound horns to notify residents and staff if they are not. In most cases, closing the door will silence the horn Some special application locks and horns must be reset by a staff member.

Floor tile: Throughout, nearly all spaces
Pipe Insulation: Some rooms, many but not all pipes
Additional Asbestos Information

Paint: Some exterior; rarely on interior
Solder on Copper Pipes: Copper pipes with lead solder
Additional Lead Information

The heating system is a hot water convector system. Air in the room is drawn into the convector at its front near the floor and passes across the hot water coils to transfer heat into the room. There is a valve on the lower left side of the unit which needs to be turned counterclockwise to allow complete circulation of the hot water.

There are two different heating zones in your hall, with zones on the south and north sides of the building. This means that while the heat is on in your room, it may be off in your friend's room across the hallway. The number one problem encountered during the heating season is when residents block the radiator with a bed or a large piece of furniture. This blocks the air flow to the unit and prevents proper operation. Consider this when you arrange your room.

BUNKING BEDS -- If you would like to bunk your beds, you may do so by borrowing the pins for oak bed ends from your Service Desk.

MICROWAVE OVENS are not allowed in the resident rooms. Some floors own a microwave oven which is secured in the floor lounge; check with your RA.

Building Services Staff Assignments
Gladys Levia, x47393, Ellicott Zone Supervisor
Sheila Chapman, Assistant Zone Supervisor
Dinora Garmendez, Building Chief
Jose Hernandez
Yolanda Carreto
Rhonda Leneski
Lossie Miles
Ho Dang, project and relief
Brandon Alexander, project and relief
Kelvin Khoo, x47551, Biologist

Ellicott Community Maintenance Staff
John Burch, North Campus foreman
Ramay Bheemaswarroop, Maintenance
Saul Walker, Maintenance


Employment opportunities are available year-round, including summer full- or part-time positions. Summer jobs have discounted housing.

Call x57440 or come to our Student Employment Office, located in the Leonardtown Office Building, for additional information.